Bozeman's Top Stories in 2022

What was your biggest memory for 2022? The Bozeman Daily Chronicle writers compiled the top news stories of last year. From flooding, elections, and the ever changing real estate market, here were the Top 10 stories of 2022.

10. Swim Center shuttered for repairs
9. Housing market slows, but prices stay high
8. Bozeman School District planning cuts amid budget shortfall
7. Mental health care landscape shifts
6. Changes come to Bozeman's medical scene
5. Bozeman Public Safety Center opens
4. Cyclist deaths spur conversation road safety
3. Montana elects a second congressman
2. Reopening, recovering, rebuilding
1. Historic flooding hammers Yellowstone, southern Montana

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Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle, by Chronicle Staff, December 25, 2022

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