Color Trends for Holiday Decorating

If you’re ready to decorate your home for the holiday season, we’ve got the 2022 holiday color trends ready. This year, looks for the unusual, the metallic and the natural as themes for adding festivity to your décor!

Pop Goes The Red

Red is a traditional holiday color, but used singularly within an otherwise black and white room, it takes on a modern twist. Keep your room décor mostly simple but showcase your nostalgic red-hued pieces on the tree, on the fireplace or as centerpieces. Use red ribbons or lights as an accent. Fill a large white or glass bowl with red ornaments as a centerpiece. Use only red decorative elements on a white door wreath.

Silver and Gold

Metallics will be big this year — especially gold. Add luxe sparkle to your holiday décor by using gold reflective ornaments, tinsel, or candles. Use gold spray paint to create your own ornaments and centerpieces covering pinecones, dried berries and other natural objects.

Bring the Frosty Woods Indoors

This year, neutral colors and natural materials rule! It’ll be hard to tell where the yard stops and the living room starts when you decorate in this trend using the beauty of natural elements like wood, stone, pinecones, dried real plants and the like. Your holiday room will exude a sense of outdoorsy calm. The best part about using nature to decorate? It can all go in your compost after the holiday season.

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