Have You Considered These Unusual Factors When Shopping for a Home?

When it comes to house hunting, you may have a checklist of must-haves, from spacious closets to the perfect spot for your big-screen HDTV. However, have you ever thought about your potential home from a burglar's perspective? In this eye-opening article, we explore some unexpected considerations before sealing the deal on your dream abode.

1. Shrouded in Shrubbery

While lush landscaping can enhance curb appeal, it may inadvertently create hiding spots for intruders. Steve Albrecht, a crime prevention expert, advises trimming bushes to maintain visibility. Learn how a well-manicured garden can be your first line of defense against unwanted guests.

2. A Visible Security System Panel

Having a security system is crucial, but a poorly placed control panel could compromise its effectiveness. Home security expert Robert Siciliano suggests strategic relocation for optimal protection. Discover the right spot that deters burglars without giving away your system's vulnerabilities.

3. Let There Be Light, But Not Too Much

Balancing exterior lighting is an art. Tim Krebs, a corporate communications manager for a national home security company, emphasizes the importance of motion-sensing lights. Find out how to create a well-lit environment that keeps both unwanted visitors and potential burglars at bay.

4. Fences Make Great Neighbors for Burglars

That tall, imposing fence may offer privacy, but it also attracts the wrong kind of attention. Krebs explains why burglars see a high fence as an opportunity. Explore solutions, such as reinforced doors or a security system, to maintain both privacy and safety.

5. Don't Forget the Garage

Often overlooked, garage security is essential. Siciliano highlights the risk of leaving garage-access doors unprotected. Learn how a thorough security inspection, akin to a home inspection, can reveal vulnerabilities and safeguard your property.

Before you fall in love with your potential new home, ensure it's not just a dream home but also a safe haven. Consider these surprising factors to protect your family and belongings. Is Your Dream Home a Safe Haven? Dive into the details before making the big move.

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